Stephanie Morrison, Secretary

Angela Thompson, Trustee

The 4-H Foundation’s key fundraiser is its annual Carnival and Craft Show conducted annually in March at The Ranch, Loveland, CO. >more Carnival Info

Foundation - Carnival News (April 2020)

We are pleased that we had 20 clubs that supported a carnival booth and 26 clubs that sponsored a basket at our auction.  The auction brought in over $12,000 and the Advance Ticket sales were right at $28,000.  Thank you all

4-H Carnival 2020

Barb Newman, Trustee

4-h foundation board of trustees

Rod Johnson,  Trustee

Larimer County 4-H Foundation

Kara Rudnick, Trustee

Carol Schultz, Trustee,

Dan Hutchens, Vice President

Cindy Buckardt, President

4-H Annual Carnival & Craft Show

Kitty Peterson, Treasurer

Blair Johnson, Trustee

Caree Rinebarger, Trustee

Bart Farmer,  Trustee

The Larimer County 4-H Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees who volunteer their time. The Board of Trustees meets quarterly, with committee meetings conducted on an as-needed basis.

Members of the Foundation Board of Trustees are elected to serve a three-year term and can be re-elected to serve additional terms. Foundation Board members include: