Congratulations to all our 2021 Winners!  The Foundation’s Scholarship Committee selects scholarship winners and alternates for all but two scholarships. The Michael Dickinson Memorial Scholarship, and the Nancy Sue Morehouse Agriculture Scholarship winners are selected by family members who represent their respective scholarship.

Foundation Scholarship, $1000

  • ​Jessica Laffey - CSU
  • Audrey Laffey - CSU
  • Dalton Ellis - Aims Community College
  • Nisha Chatnani - Regis University
  • Rachel Masters - CSU
  • Renee McCray - Cloud County Community College
  • Willa Rudnick - Loyola University
  • Morgan Crouse - Aims Community College
  • Ainsley Delmore - FRCC

Michael Dickinson Memorial Scholarship, $1,000

  • Lauren Newman - CSU Masters Program
  • Morgyanne Tucker - Laramie County Community College

Tom & Peggy Brown Memorial Scholarship, $1,000

  • Augusta Rudnick - CSU

Poultry Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 each

  • Matthew Sinclair - Texas Tech
  • Taylor Slinkard - UNC

Marjorie J Gorman Memorial Scholarship, $1000

  • Rebecca Pennock - CSU

Glenn & Minnie Cowley Memorial Scholarship, $500

  • Courtney Newman - UW Masters Program

Nancy Morehouse Agriculture Scholarship, $500

  • Courtney Newman - UW Masters Program

John & Jackie Worthington Memorial Scholarship, $1000

  • Lexie Miller - CSU​

Ted & Mabel Thompson Memorial Scholarship, $1000

  • Kyli Kraft - West Texas A&M University


2021 4-H Scholarship Winners

4-H Scholarships

The Larimer County 4-H Foundation offers scholarships each year for current graduating seniors and post high school students in the form of memorial scholarships and general scholarships as the budget allows.

The general scholarships are for $1000 each and do not specify a certain field of study. Each of the general scholarships is funded directly by the Foundation.

​The Larimer County 4-H Foundation was honored to present 18 4-Hers with educational scholarships in May 2021. The scholarships, which totaled $19,000, will be used toward furthering each 4-Her’s education at a college, university or vocational training facility.​​

larimer county 4-H foundation scholarships

Larimer County 4-H Youth Foundation